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We are officially open for business and we're excited. We can't wait to show you around our beautiful city, in a way many people don't get to see.

If you love walking and want to see another side of Sydney while learning the basics of photography, book yourself, family and friends into one of our Guided Photography Walking Tours.

Don't just take snapshots as you wander around the city, take awesome memories with you. Learn how to shoot sunrise, sunset and night scenes with our stunning landmarks as backdrops. Get off the Auto setting on your camera and we will show you how to shoot long exposure, using positioning and perspective to enhance your shots dramatically.

Our 4 tours include:

Sunrise - using your tripod, catch the sunrise with the Sydney Opera House or Harbour Bridge as backdrop. If we're lucky, we can catch a gorgeous cruise ship pulling into Circular Quay.

Sunset - shoot the city, Opera House and Harbour Bridge at sunset from Mrs Macquaries Chair or Kirribilli. Both very popular spots for photographers.

Both Sunrise and Sunset Tour's will incorporate Golden Hour (just after sunrise and just before sunset) and Blue Hour (just before sunrise and just after sunset).

Night Tour - using tripod and remote shutter release or timer, we will show you how to make the most of available light, taking awesome long exposure shots. Capture "light trails" from the many ships on the Harbour.

The best time to do the Night Tour is during Vivid Sydney in May/June each year or during one of many firework displays around the city throughout the year.

Day Tours - during our morning or afternoon tours, you will learn how best to use lighting, shadows and perspective to capture amazing memories.

Come and join us.

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