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We had the pleasure of guiding a young lady from New Zealand around beautiful Sydney for Vivid.

The night started with a ferry ride from Circular Quay across to Milson Point. Taking in Luna Park which was lit up for the first time this year, looking awesome covered in bright colours.

A quick walk under the Sydney Harbour Bridge to Kirribilli. From this vantage point, you can take in the Bridge, Opera House, Harbour (with its many bright boats floating around) and city.

After a quick stop for a cup of tea and a Lemon Crisp, we took a walk over the Harbour Bridge, from where you can see the entire Circular Quay area and CBD with a bird's eye view.

On the City side of the Bridge, there is a little known vantage point from where you can get a beautiful side shot of the Sydney Opera House with the amazing light show projected onto it.

A casual stroll around from the Bridge onto the Cahill Expressway, which is above Circular Quay train station and has, in my opinion, the best view of Vivid at Circular Quay.

In one capture, the Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Museum of Contemporary Arts and the harbour with the many boats and ferries cruising around. The perfect spot to finish, and perhaps stay a while to grab a "quick" time-lapse.

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